Three weeks left: explanation to follow shortly. This story also did not appear in the collection A Little Soul: 140 Twitterstories. Bonus story.

Twitterstory 57: You Can't Run Away From Yourself
(Character count, including title: 118)

"On an island I'll finally escape," he thought.
But his thoughts were still with him.

(character count: 106, including title)

On The Subway

He hopes it comes across as placid contemplation. Really, he hopes no one notices him at all.

(character count, including title: 118)

This Must Be The Place I Waited Years to Leave

"Why can't you write something nice that will sell, like a love story?"

This week's twitterstory represents a bonus, as it will not appear in A Little Soul: 140 Twitterstories. It was written the other day, after the book had already been sent for eBook conversion. I hope you enjoy.

(character count: 162; without title: 137)

New User Advisory Label
(Inspired by and dedicated to my good friend Mike Hancock)

To prevent irreparable damage to equipment, do not place contents of cell phone into microwave.
Customer: Who was dumb enough to do that?

(character count: 36)

Motivational Tactics

I hope you can.

(character count: 153; without title: 138)

Long Term Goals

Stendhal wrote that to create a novel one only needs to write twenty lines a day, genius or not. I'm working on twenty characters a day.

(character count: 151; without title: 139)

Mother and I

share everything: a name; birthday; intestinal disorders; and a pathological reluctance to sharing any details of our lives with the other.

(character count: 160; without title: 139)

What I Might Do Today


2-Write 2 pages and 5 Twitterstories

3- Fold Laundry (optional)

4- Pay Bills (optional)


6-Read at least 50 pages

7-Stop making lists
(character count: 145; without title: 138)


No electricity. In the half-light dawn, felled trees covered the street, houses, lawns. Who could we blame? How do you avenge a hurricane?

(character count: 164; without title: 137)

Your Pain Will Set You Free

He sat in the car, waves crashing over the frozen railing. If she was home, he didn't want to see her leave.

He'd drive permanently south.