(character count: 147; without title: 140)


I was a disappointment. But how often can you screw up before disappointment becomes expected. At that point are you still a disappointment?
(character count: 122, without title: 108)

A Little Soul

When I was younger, the doctor said not to worry about it, that my soul would get bigger.

I'm still waiting.

(character count: 150; without title, 125)

Was It Something I Said?

Over the years our parties were less and less attended. Until finally, just me and my vodka were the only ones who showed up.
(character count: 163; without title: 115)

It's A Long, Long Way From Where You Want To Be

She wrote her goals on a piece of paper:

Top billing on the marquee


Eat a sandwich. Make it through the day
(character count: 160, without title: 139)

Writing on Christmas

He wanted to write something touching, but unsentimental. Outside snow finally fell. He put down his pen and pulled a chair to the window.
(character count, with title: 70)

Idea for a Comedy Sketch

Marcel Proust opened a Twitter account today.

(character count: 131)

(for R.C.)

Floating along the ebbs of the ocean,
toward the horizon, where time has no say,
an end that will never be reached.

_ (character count, including title: 112)

Gogol vs. Quixote

“We all come out from Gogol's 'Overcoat'," said Dostoevsky.
Well, sometimes, I think otherwise.

character count: 161; without title: 137

New Town, New Beginning

That’s what friends told him.

He looks at the unpacked boxes around the apartment, hoping he hadn’t packed any of her stuff in his haste.

(character count: 97, without title: 86)


I am so much more than my pain, she thought, and threw a rock through his car window.