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I was a disappointment. But how often can you screw up before disappointment becomes expected. At that point are you still a disappointment?
(character count: 146: without title: 119)

Honesty is the Best Policy

"I used to want to know where you went at night. But now, I just want to know that you won't ask me the same question."

(character count: 122, without title: 108)

A Little Soul

When I was younger, the doctor said not to worry about it, that my soul would get bigger.

I'm still waiting.

(character count: 150; without title, 125)

Was It Something I Said?

Over the years our parties were less and less attended. Until finally, just me and my vodka were the only ones who showed up.
(character count: 163; without title: 115)

It's A Long, Long Way From Where You Want To Be

She wrote her goals on a piece of paper:

Top billing on the marquee


Eat a sandwich. Make it through the day