character count: 161; without title: 137

New Town, New Beginning

That’s what friends told him.

He looks at the unpacked boxes around the apartment, hoping he hadn’t packed any of her stuff in his haste.

(character count: 175; without title: 140)

Some Things I Have Learned As a Writer

1. Poor grammar does not sleep.

2. We’ll never finish every idea we have.

3. No matter how hard you try, you still might make it into my book.

(character count: 97, without title: 86)


I am so much more than my pain, she thought, and threw a rock through his car window.

(character count: 188, without title: 137)

There Is No Theocracy to See Here. Please Disperse.

I believe in the separation of church and state. We should create a Department of Religion to study how best to maintain this separation.

(character count, without title: 129; with title: 145)

Like a Metaphor

“There are many tools one can use to get out of writer’s block.” He turned, pressed the chalk to the blackboard, and just stared.