We continue on with the audience participation Twitterstory. For those wishing to participate, send me a word through any social media forum, email, or carrier pigeon. I will include that word in a Twitterstory and link to your website, Twitter and/or Facebook page, or any other site of your choice. If I receive 140 suggestions, a second collection of Twitterstories will be released.

This week's word is 'buffed,' provided by writer Christopher Chik (@g1mpy), purveyor of all things baseball and space at his blogs chasingdimaggio.blogspot.com and occupymars.net. He is also the writer of the first installation of the forthcoming Tequila Kitty Project, and is hard at work on a novel about an autistic baseball pitcher and his struggles to succeed.

(character count: 147; without title: 136)

Role Models

He buffed the hood of the remote-control car to a shine and drove it into some books: stand-ins for a fence. Just like Daddy really did.