My friend, and biking enthusiast, Lee is planning to bike across the country next summer. As part of his preparations for this trip, he has created a blog to chronicle his training for and his actual trip: Bike Bike Bike Blog.

He decided to create the blog in order to generate interest in the trip, to create a community that would be interested in providing him encouragement, recommendations for travel, planning tips, and possible future hospitality for a weary traveler while trekking across the dangerous plains of Idaho, Wyoming, or any of the other states he will cross.

I do not have the exact route of his travel (and I suspect he won't have the EXACT travel route until he's actually traveling) but he does have a planned route which you can read about here.

For those interested in this astounding and once-in-a-lifetime event, and in following his progress and efforts, please start following his blog now. And if you have any suggestions for his trip (packing, what gear to bring, what food to pack, where he should attempt to find lodging, what areas are safer to camp in, what to expect re: inclement weather patterns, safety of certain roads, or if you want to host him for a night so he can save money), please start reading now.

As his leave date gets closer next summer, I will give occasional updates to promote this trip, his blog, and to offer as much encouragement and support I can. Hopefully all of you find his trip as fascinating, motivating, and inspirational as I do.

As always, thank you and enjoy.