(character count: 153; without title: 138)

Long Term Goals

Stendhal wrote that to create a novel one only needs to write twenty lines a day, genius or not. I'm working on twenty characters a day.

(character count: 151; without title: 139)

Mother and I

share everything: a name; birthday; intestinal disorders; and a pathological reluctance to sharing any details of our lives with the other.

(character count: 160; without title: 139)

What I Might Do Today


2-Write 2 pages and 5 Twitterstories

3- Fold Laundry (optional)

4- Pay Bills (optional)


6-Read at least 50 pages

7-Stop making lists
(character count: 145; without title: 138)


No electricity. In the half-light dawn, felled trees covered the street, houses, lawns. Who could we blame? How do you avenge a hurricane?

(character count: 164; without title: 137)

Your Pain Will Set You Free

He sat in the car, waves crashing over the frozen railing. If she was home, he didn't want to see her leave.

He'd drive permanently south.

(character count: 158; without title: 140)

'X' Marks The Spot

We had dug twelve holes before we realized the map was wrong. How to dispose of the shovels before mom used them on us was now the question.
(character count: 173; without title: 140)

Q & A With an Exasperated Writer

Q: How did you come up with the idea for your new book?

A: Yes.

Q: Mmm...do you worry the angry tone will upset your old fans?

A: I like cheese.

(character count: 110; with title: 134)

everything you ever said

is packed in an old cigar box

somewhere in

the back of a

storage closet i

rented five apartments


i think.

(character count: 111; without title: 86)

What Can Keep You Running

That knowing smile or wave when you pass by another running in the opposite direction.

(character count: 124)


She sits on the stoop, crying. He's unable to make her laugh, or see things differently. He sits with her anyway.