(character count: 131)

(for R.C.)

Floating along the ebbs of the ocean,
toward the horizon, where time has no say,
an end that will never be reached.


Linda Chamberlain
11/20/2011 15:03

I love this. It reminds me of a recent burial at sea I shared with my Aunt for her son. Somany feelings are brought to mind. Great story.

D.R. Leo
11/20/2011 16:43

Another great one!

11/21/2011 17:57

Thank you, Mr. Leo.
Great posts on your blog, by the way.

11/21/2011 17:59

Thank you very much, Aunt Linda.

11/22/2011 17:57

Always a satisfying moment, reading these. Do you think you will publish your twitterstories in a collection someday?

11/27/2011 21:29

Re: would of, could of should of...

I'm so glad someone else has this peeve...! I see this in print! In books! Yikes, and double yikes!

Are you, perchance, related to Robert Cormier?


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